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Get Slim With Kaizen – ebook w jęz. angielskim


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Ten e-book jest w wersji anglojęzycznej/This e-book is in English

Have you ever had to loosen your belt when driving a car for longer than one hour as it was pushing your stomach mercilessly? Have you had any problems with breathing when you were trying to tie your shoelaces being sat down? Have you been looking for an opportunity to unbutton your shirt and loosen your tie? Have you? Welcome aboard! Captain ‘Fat-No-More’ is going to take you for a trip which may change your entire life. But first let me introduce myself. It is necessary if the lesson I want to share with you is supposed to have any meaning. Well, I am big guy in my late forties. I am lazy. I am damned lazy. And I am veteran of dieting. I went through all the possible diets, including the most stupid of them. I was swallowing miracle-pills, I was buying all the products called ‘fast-burn-something’ and ‘get-slim-something’. I bought tons of the most innovative training devices. I was counting calories, running away from carbohydrates, spending weeks eating nothing else than cabbage soups. Running, swimming, cycling, mountain-climbing – there was nothing I haven’t dared to try. This is how I spent recent ten years of my life. I was trying to get slim. The pattern was always the same…


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ISBN 978-83-965741-6-9


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