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Transpersonal model – ebook w jęz. angielskim


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Ten e-book jest w wersji anglojęzycznej/This e-book is in English 

Transpersonal Model offers us much more than just finding solutions to our problems. Obviously, its three first axes (the axis of time, the axis of relations and the axis or roles) are mostly used to tackle one’s blockades but the axis of motivation is some kind of developmental threshold. On the one hand it brings us the acceptance of our passive personality (the one telling us so often how reluctant it is to act) but on the other hand shows that the mission of our life is the best motivation we can ever find. Discovering it and following the path of self-realization becomes the self-perpetuating engine driving us forward. The thing is we must solve all our previous problems before we start working on our mission and communication between the active and passive personalities. Otherwise its emotional thrash and mental blocks will start popping up damaging our work on the axis of motivation. There will be no way to go any further before we solve those issues. I believe there is a good reason to use the phrase ‘go further’. I consider the Transpersonal Model axes as the stages of an amazing journey we are taking our clients on. It is like a platform game where the first three levels are about overcoming all our problems. Then we move on to the fourth stage where we face the challenge of finding our mission and sorting out our inner motivation system. This is the goal we must achieve before we gain an access to the higher levels. And this is where there are no more problems to tackle. This is the space where we grow. First we learn how to develop our consciousness. Then we redefine the hero of our own story seeing it through the prism of an archetype prepared to successfully realize the mission of our life. Finally we reach the peak of our spiritual development using the profits coming from our separational skills. The character finishing this transpersonal game gains a brand new life of self-composed and self-coherent connoisseur enjoying life and everything it brings. Someone able to cope with all the problems. This is the moment when the pupil becomes the master while the master is no longer needed. The Sanyassin becomes the Swami – an independent and self-assured whole being ready to share his or her knowledge and experience.


 Wydawnictwo Instytut Tathata

ISBN 978-83-965741-3-8

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