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Beat Stress With Kaizen – ebook w jęz. angielskim


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Ten e-book jest w wersji anglojęzycznej/This e-book is in English 

Beating stress is never about destroying it at all. It is just about learning how to live with it and finally get some sleep. We can do it by screwing tight some little parts in our heads. They’re really tiny. If we can do it, our whole life will change. It is a bit like putting the sails up, it is just enough to raise them properly and we can enjoy the sailing, using the power of wind. Even if the wind blows straight into our face – and we know that life does it to us quite often – we can position ourselves so it will help us move forward. The wind keeps blowing – sometimes it blows forward, sometimes backward, sometimes sideways – and we need to make it blow for our benefit. It only takes understanding the rules and using them properly.


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ISBN 978-83-965741-5-2


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